How to Backup your Outlook Data


Watch a Video Tutorial HERE!


1) In outlook 2010, click on FILE then OPEN then IMPORT

2) Click on EXPORT TO A FILE then Click NEXT

3) Click on OUTLOOK DATA FILE (PST) then click NEXT

4) Click on your account if there is more than one and make sure INCLUDE
    SUBFOLDERS is checked, then click NEXT

5) Click BROWSE then choose where you want to save the data. A server or

    external drive is recommended.

6) Give the file a name and click OK

7) If prompted for any passwords, enter them and click OK to star the backup
Backups can take from a few minutes to over an hour depending on how much data there is.


  Note that Outlook may seem to pause for long periods of time. This is normal.  Your backup can be a few minutes or an hour or more, depending on your computer speed and how much data you have.


To bring  the data back into outlook, just reverse the process choosing IMPORT from a FILE then choosing PST file then Browsing and finding the file you made previously.