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Company Policy, Fee Schedule & Disclaimers.

Revised 01/26/23



1.   Services / What we do
2.   Computer Warranty Policy
3.   Web Hosting Policy
4.   Service Call Policy & Fee Schedule
5.   Phone Support Policy & Fees
6.   Remote Access Policy and Fees
7.   Payment Policy
8.   Return / Refund Policy
9 . 

10. Off-Site Backup


1. What we do
• Computer Sales
• Sales of all computer related hardware and software
• On site computer repair
• In shop computer repair
• Training / Education
• Virus Removal & Prevention
• Internet security management
• Web site hosting
• Consulting
• Network installations
• Network support
• Software sales and installation
• Technical support


2. Computer warranty policy

    Warranties that accompany the sale of any computer sold by Computer Solutions covers failure of hardware only. Any computer component that fails within its warranty period is covered by a manufacturers warranty. In some cases, it may be necessary to send the part to the manufacturer and wait for a replacement. Computer Solutions is in no way responsible for loss of time or expense while waiting for the replacement part(s). The warranty on the computer and/or parts is with the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer). Computer solutions warranty is the service of handling the replacement and installation of such parts.
Customers that have an onsite warranty will receive at no charge the service of a technician coming to the location where the system was originally installed to diagnose and replace any defective hardware within the guidelines stated above.  At the discretion of Computer Solutions, systems may be removed to our repair facility for servicing and returned.
Customers that have a 800# warranty, have an extended warranty package that provides 24/7 technical support and an onsite warranty that is by either the computer manufacturer or a 3rd party warranty company. In such cases, a wider range of support times and warranty coverage time is given, but such warranties are not performed by Computer Solutions nor do we hold any responsibility for the warranty.
    No time frame is given for when a warranty service will be carried out. Computer Solutions makes every attempt to handle warranty issues immediately to provide the best service possible to our clients. Computer Solutions is in no way responsible for lost time or any compensation due to the failure of a computer or component.
    Software is in no way covered by any warranty on any system. We can not warranty Microsoft Windows problems or problems do to any software related issues. Most computer problems are caused by the failure or incompatibility of Windows or other software. If contacted for a computer problem and it is determined that there is a software related problem, whether hardware is also defective or not, any time for reinstalling, reformatting or performing any software related issues will be billed at our normal rates.
    Failure to receive payment by due date can result in voiding or shortening of warranty period.  Failure to pay balance on any account by due date may result in warranty defaulting to manufacturers warranty and voiding of any extended Computer Solutions warranty.


3. Web Hosting Policy

Computer Solutions makes every effort to provide the best web hosting and e-mail services possible. Whether on our servers, a co-located server or a leased space server, backups are performed by the backbone providers we use. We are not responsible for the loss of data on a website, its content or for items sent through e-mail. Computer Solutions recommends customers backup their own data by way of a FTP program to their local computers.
Computer solutions does not design websites and are in no way responsible for content of sites or backup of the content.
We do not allow pornographic or illegal materials of any kind on our servers and are not responsible for the content put on a website by our customers.
Email type is POP and its not recommended to leave your email on the server. You should use a program such as Microsoft Outlook to download your email to your local computer. If you use the webmail interface and a restore of the servers or an account is needed, we are not responsible for any lost emails.
Exchange services such as Microsoft Office365 are available through us in which email can be stored in the cloud. Contact us for more information.
We reserve the right to cancel any website or email account at any time with 72 hours notice.


4. Service Call Policy and Fee Schedule

Onsite service calls are defined as whenever we send a technician, trainer or consultant to a location outside of our office. We make every effort to get someone to our client’s location as quickly as possible or on an agreed upon time but make no guarantees as to exactly when a tech will arrive at your location.
Our onsite coverage fees vary by location. All onsite service is billed on hourly increments and rounded up to the nearest hour. All fees are due at the time of visit unless terms have been arranged before hand. Onsite fees are as follows:


Hour Rate
Rockland County NY $220 - First hr./ 145eaAddHr.
Westchester Counties $220 - First hr./ 145eaAddHr.
Northern NJ area (Passaic, Bergan) $415 - up to 2 hrs./ 145eaAddHr.
Mid - NJ $415 - up to 2 hrs./ 145eaAddHr.
Orange County NY: Warwick, Monroe, Florida, Goshen, Chester, Tuxedo, Middletown, Newburgh, etc. $145 - 1hr Min. / 145eaAddHr.
Pennsylvania (within 1.5 hours distance) $395 - up to 2 hrs./ 145eaAddHr.
Catskills NY (within 1.5 hours distance) $395 - up to 2 hrs./ 145eaAddHr.
Jersey Shore and points south (4-6 hours total Travel Time) $580 - up to 2 hrs./ 145eaAddHr.
Other area rates based on distance/Travel Time.  
Remote Support & Remote Login work $145/hr invoiced in 15 min increments

Emergency Service: Weekend or after hour emergency rates are typical double our normal hourly rates or will be taken on a case by case basis.

All other areas will be priced at the time of requesting a service call.


5. Phone Support Policy and Fee Schedule

Billable phone support is $145 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments. 

Items that will not be billed for:

-computer systems under warranty which were installed within the last 14 days. (not including software not sold with and installed by Computer Solutions)
-support for repairs for 3 business days after the repair was performed if and only if it pertains to the specific repair performed.
-customers with service contracts that include phone support or are covered under one of the managed services we provide.


6. Remote Access Policy and Fee Schedule

    Remote access support is billed at a rate of $145 per hour. Billed in 15 minute increments
    Remote support is any time we connect in over the internet to a customers network or computer to   
    perform a repair or service. 
    Items that are exempt from these charges are the following:

-computer systems under warranty which were installed within the last 14 days. (not including software not sold with and installed by Computer Solutions)
-support for repairs for 3 business days after the repair was performed if and only if it pertains to the specific repair performed.
-customers with service contracts that include phone support.


7. Payment Policy

New customers of Computer Solutions are required to provide a method of payment for all future services. All customers are required to complete our application for credit card payment which will be kept on file and the listed credit card charged as each order is placed or a service is performed. Customers that wish to pay by company check are required to fill out our Credit Application, which upon approval will give Net terms. Invoices over 30 days old are subject to a 5% per 30 days late fee charge and the removal of credit terms requiring credit card payment for all future work. Past due invoices  may be  turned off to a credit agency / legal firm for collection. Customer agrees that any and all fees charged by such agency will be the customers sole responsibility and that negative feedback may appear on their credit report. Acceptable payment methods are Master Card, Visa, American Express and Company Check. If deemed necessary by Computer Solutions, we may require a signature or check to be issued at the time of the service call or order or before a job can be completed.
All hardware / parts orders must be pre-paid. We are located in the county of Orange in the state of New York and collect the tax rate of 8.125% for those customers required to pay such sales tax.


8. Return / Refund Policy

Computer Solutions accepts the return of any defective item within 7 days for an even exchange for the same item. After that period, customers must contact the manufacturer for warranty. With computer systems, normal warranty procedures are always required with the manufacturer. Computer systems carry the manufacturer's warranty. Computer equipment covered by a manufacturer warranty may be handled by Computer Solutions at our digression.  While equipment may be under warranty, the service may not be and normal service rates may apply. Return costs for shipping of defective items is the sole responsibility of the customer.
Refunds are not offered on any purchases, but may be given at the discretion of Computer Solutions.  No Refunds are given for unused time for Web Hosting, Domain Names, Backup Services, Search Engine Submission, Service Contracts or other pre-paid services. When a service is purchased for a time period, Cancellation requires 30 days notice in writing or via email to avoid future billing. No refunds for unused time on non-expiring service contracts. Service contracts are purchased as non-expiring blocks of time but are not refundable or transferable.


9. Disclaimer

Computer Solutions understands that our purpose is to provide you with equipment and services that you can rely on. We sell computers and components that we feel are of exceptional quality and value. We stay current by researching and staying on top of technology to provide you with sound, accurate, professional advice. Computer Solutions cannot guarantee your data or information that is stored on the equipment we sell. We cannot guarantee the technology will not become obsolete or that prices will not drop. Our commitment is to provide you with the best information, products and services we can. We cannot guarantee such items since we are resellers of products and services and not the manufacturer.

10. Off-Site Backup

Off site backups are performed using Hamachi remote VPN software with a minimum of 128bit AES encryption.  This software is installed on the client's computers and on our servers allowing our backup software to pull the data from your server/pc to one of our backup servers where it is stored in a Truecrypt encrypted container with a minimum of 128bit AES encryption, 256bit AES encryption is used whenever possible. The drive/encrypted files are then backed up again daily to a second storage drive so we maintain two copies at all times.  We also keep at minimum one back version of your file. E.g. A copy of the file from the previous day or previous modified version.
We monitor the backups throughout the week and will at first inform you by email if there is a problem with the software on the clients end asking you to check the Hamachi VPN software with instructions included in the email. The second time we can not access we will follow up again with an E-Mail. If we continue to be unable to backup your data, we will then attempt to contact the client by phone and walk them through the process of checking the VPN software on their end or when available remotely connect into the clients computer to fix the problem.

Backups can be suspended immediately when payment for the backup service is past due. 
Backups will be held for 90 days from the time service is stopped either for non-payment, cancellation by the customer/client or cancellation by Computer Solutions. After 90 days, data will be deleted and purged from all Computer Solutions, drives and backups and no data of any time will be maintained. If service has been cancelled and within the 90 day holding period the client wishes to retrieve files, the service must be reactivated with the normal annual subscription. Upon payment in full the data will then be accessible by the customer.

A client can request all data of theirs that is stored by Computer Solutions be deleted in its entirety at any time. The request must be received in writing by Certified USPS mail or a tractable carrier, by fax with a signature of a company officer. At that time, all copies of requested data will be deleted from all Computer Solutions drives permanently and will be non-recoverable.

Upon paying Computer Solutions for our off-site backup service the customer/client is agreeing to trust Computer Solutions with their data and we will make every reasonable effort to meet and exceed their expectations.
When a customer requests restoration of data in part or in whole, we will restore the data over the same internet VPN connection at no charge.  If the customer requests the data be sent to them via DVD, we will at no charge send them an encrypted DVD up to twice a year at no charge when the data can fit onto a single DVD.
A customer can also request data be returned on an encrypted hard drive or USB drive. Charges for the drive and time to transfer and encrypt will be billed to the customer at normal rates. There is no charge for restoring data over the secure VPN internet connection.
Customers can also request we restore the data on-site directly into the customers server, PC or network at our normal ob-site service call rates.

While we make every effort to back up all agreed upon data nightly Monday to Friday, we will not be held responsible if a backup cannot be performed. There are many reasons beyond our control which can prevent a current backup such as failure of a computer on the client site, lack of internet connection or a slow internet connection.  Blocking of the connection by Anti-Virus software or a Firewall.  The goal of out off-site backup is to provide a second source of data storage for security purposes. We strongly recommend that this is not your only method of back but an additional security measure.  Never depend on only one source of backup. We will not accept any legal or financial liability for backups or data and can not be held liable for any loss. Understand that our goal is to provide excellent and reliable service but the true security of a clients data is their responsibility.

Your data and security is of the highest priority to us.  The client/customer agrees not to hold Computer Solutions responsible if a backup is not performed for one the reasons listed above or for other unforeseen difficulties. The client agrees not to hold Computer Solutions responsible for interception of data by a hacker on the Internet, man-in-the-middle attacks or hacking of the clients computers.

The customer/client is responsible for adhering to all regulations for their own data and storage of such data. For example if the client is required not to transmit or backup data off site due to HIPAA regulations, it is the sole responsibility of the client/customer to know if they are in violation of any laws pertaining to storage of their data and the client/customer can be held solely responsible for any such violations. Since we do not inspect or ask about the content of your data its is the clients responsibility to know any regulations pertaining to their business and data.  The customer agrees that the data they have asked to be backed up does not contain adult material or any illegal information of any kind.



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